Running Tours of Ibiza Town

Ibiza Tours with a Difference: Run and Have Fun in Ibiza!

Ibiza Town has so much to offer – from the UNESCO World Heritage Renaissance fortress ‘Dalt Vila’ to the luxury neighbourhood Botafoch, through the old cobbled streets of the Sa Penya and La Marina districts, across the open spaces of Vara de Rey and Plaça del Parc, and into the new town with its local restaurants & shops selling traditional food. Make the most of your time here and join us on a running tour – an Ibiza tour with a difference! We’ll show you the best things to do, see, eat & drink in Ibiza Town, and tell you some stories about the unique modern history of this magical island along the way.

Group listening to a Tour Guide in Dalt Vila Ibiza Town
We offer 2 Private Running Tours:

  • The Full Tour takes approximately 2 hours and covers 8k, starting and ending in Botafoch;
  • The Highlights Tour takes approximately 1.5 hours and covers 5k, starting and ending in the Port of Ibiza Town.

We will go at your pace and stop frequently. The tour is mostly flat, however some of the roads within the Dalt Vila are steep – we can walk these parts if you prefer! For your own comfort and safety, the tours do not take place in the middle of the day during the height of summer.

What should I bring?

Wear comfortable clothes (suitable for the weather and time of day – please check the forecast!) & running shoes. On sunny days you will also benefit from sunglasses and a cap, if you have them.

Make sure you put on high factor sun lotion before you leave for the run, even if it is not sunny when you leave!

Your guide will carry some water but if you have one, please bring a bottle of water you can run with.

There is no bag drop but your guide can carry a small amount of keys, credit cards & cash, at your own risk.

Refer to our FAQs for more information

Prices (for Private Tours)

Full City Running Tour 8k Highlights City Running Tour 5k
  Total Cost Per Person Total Cost Per Person
1 person €55 €55 €45 €45
2 people €90 €45 €70 €35
3 people €120 €40 €90 €30
4 people €140 €35 €104 €26
5 people €160 €32 €120 €24
6 people €180 €30 €132 €22
7 people €196 €28 €140 €20
8 people €200 €25 €152 €19
  • Contact us to discuss groups of 9 or more people
  • Prices include IVA and all fees 
Ibiza Town
Ibiza Town harbour
Ibiza Town running tour
Ibiza Town statue

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