Trail Running in Ibiza


Trail Running is the perfect way to see the hidden beauty of this magical island – from the pirate towers to the naturally-forming crystals, the salt lakes to the abundant flora.  Flat, hilly, coastal, countryside – we have many different trail running routes we can take you on – at a time, location, pace & difficulty level to suit you.  So whether you want a long 20km run, a 10km run or a quick 5km run, contact us for the best running routes in Ibiza.  We offer Private Trail Runs and Group Social Trail Runs.  See our Trail Runs page for examples of the runs we offer, which we can adjust to suit your needs for a Private Trail Run.  If you want to join a Group Social Trail Run, follow Running Ibiza on Facebook for event alerts.

We’ve spent months finding the best trails, exploring new areas and getting scratched in the undergrowth, so that you don’t have to!

What should I bring?

Wear comfortable clothes (suitable for the weather and time of day – please check the forecast!) & running shoes.  On sunny days you will also benefit from sunglasses and a cap, if you have them.

Make sure you put on high factor sun lotion before you leave for the run, even if it is not sunny when you leave!

Your guide will carry some water but if you have one, please bring a bottle of water you can run with.

Please refer to our FAQs for more information.


Prices for a Private Trail Run

  1 Hour Trail 1.5 Hour Trail 2 Hour Trail
Total Cost Cost Per Person Total Cost Cost Per Person Total Cost Cost Per Person
1 person €50 €50 €70 €70 €85 €85
2 people €80 €40 €110 €55 €130 €65
3 people €105 €35 €150 €50 €180 €60
4 people €112 €28 €160 €40 €200 €50
5 people €125 €25 €175 €35 €210 €42
6 people €132 €22 €180 €30 €228 €38
  • Contact us to discuss groups of 7 or more people
  • Prices include IVA and all fees

Please note that for your own comfort and safety, most of the trail routes are not available in the middle of the day during the height of summer. 

Running Ibiza Vest
Running Ibiza Vest
Running Ibiza Vest
Ibiza Trail running
Ibiza Trail Running