Ibiza Running Tours & Activities

We’ve got all your Ibiza running needs covered!

However you want to run in Ibiza, we’re Running Ibiza for you! Whether you love trail running, or prefer running through the city streets on a different type of Ibiza tour, we have the perfect running route for you. We also have a free weekly running group, and offer running training for beginners. Check out our services below:

Ibiza Town Running Tours

We’ll give you the ‘insider’s guide’ on the best things to do in Ibiza Town on this unique Ibiza tour.

Trail Running

We’ll guide you on a run along the beautiful Ibizan coastal trails and countryside


Running for Beginners: Couch to 5k

We’ll teach you techniques and motivate you to be able to run 5k without stopping


Saturday Running Group

Come running in Ibiza
and join us on this informal, free run!